What is the Beautiful You Life?

The Beautiful You life is a life free from shame and hiding. It’s a voice against the voices of self-hatred, rejection, and worthlessness. This website and blog exists to show you another way to live, another way of being, and understand that you are totally, completely, eternally loved by God Himself!

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If you want to stop hiding and show up for your life, then The “Beautiful You” weekly devotional can help you. It’s absolutely free! 

This devotional will give you the tools to:

  1. Embrace your true self and live unapologetically
  2. Let go of your past and old wounds
  3. Stop minimizing yourself for the approval of others
  4. Locate the origin of shame in your life
  5. Look to God and His love alone for validation

You’ll receive scripture meditations, personal journal entries from my own personal journey, and steps to freedom that you’re able to fit into your story and process.