Distractions and How to Deal With Them

Distractions“My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.”

“Get behind Me, Satan! You are in My way [an offense and a hindrance and a snare to me……”

These statements were made by Jesus, among many others, as circumstances and voices tried to take Him away from the mission that the Father had sent Him on this earth to accomplish.

Many times He made it crystal clear that He was about His Father’s business and would allow nothing to distract Him from it.

Not people, not circumstances, not even the sickness of the friend he loved, Lazerus, could distract Him from the will of God.

Distraction means, a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else; extreme agitation of the mind or emotions. Have you ever been extremely agitated in your mind and emotions over something or someone? So much so that you couldn’t work or go in a particular direction because of it?


Satan is very clever at throwing distractions of sickness, financial pressure or relational problems into our lives to get us focused on those things instead of focused where God wants us. Trails are designed to test our faith and perseverance and perfect patience in us, yes, but they take a turn for the worst when we begin to question God and ask why?and try and reason things. This is the perfect plan of the enemy to get us distracted from the Word, God promise, and we are drawn away after those reasonings instead of staying focused and steady in the Word of God.

When Peter told Jesus, “God forbid that you should go to the cross” in Matthew 16:23, Jesus was very quick to recognize that this was a ploy of the enemy to get Him off course. While the disciples were looking at natural things like food, in John 4, Jesus knew there was a greater human need than nourishment that kept Him doing the will of the Father.

If the enemy cannot have our soul….he will surely try to steal our attention with distractions that divert us from the mission of our life. These can be major things like we mentioned before or as subtle and envy or jealousy or obsession with something. Even if it’s a good thing, the enemy can cause us to become obsessed to the point of distraction and before we know it, we are off course. It happens without warning and, at times, without notice until it’s too late.

How, then, do we stay on track? How do we safeguard against distractions? Well, first of all we need to recognize that distractions are one of our enemies greatest devises and be vigilant and watchful….1 Peter 5:8. Second, we cannot neglect our fellowship with God in prayer and His Word nor in worship and communion. The secret place is the stronghold of God and there we are lifted high above the enemy….Psalm 27. Here we are given sight and illuminated. In the secret place of prayer and worship, God shares His secrets with those who fear Him and can head off a distraction or open our eyes to it before it comes to get us off course.

Lastly, we must be committed to the work of the Lord. Committed and surrendered to His will in all things. Our life and breath must come from our fellowship with the Father and our devotion to fulfill His will no matter what the cost. Our submission to God renders the devil helpless and he flees…..James 4:7!

If you realize you have become distracted in life, repent, change your mind and turn and move in the direction of God’s will. Recognizing that you are off course is the first step to changing the direction of your life. Ask the Father to show you how to get back on track and in the direction of His mission for your life. Make fellowship with God the #1 priority of your life and watch how He will redeem what you may have lost and make you fruiful in His will again!




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