Misplaced Allegiance = Misplaced Worship

cropped-cropped-picture21.jpgWORSHIP is not about our music, it’s about our allegiance! (loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause. Loyalty , faithfulness, fidelity ,obedience, homage, devotion.)

Our adversary is not after our song, he wants our allegiance! He wants our obedience. He wants our worship. He wants us to profane God’s Word through our disobedience in order to draw, not just us, but the world away into deception and despair. Simply put, WORSHIP IS OBEDIENCE!

2 responses to “Misplaced Allegiance = Misplaced Worship”

  1. Sometimes the distraction confuses the people and they begin to guard the wrong thing, the song. However, you have spoken such wisdom in saying that the song is not what the enemy is after. He wants what God has, our hearts and our worship. I pray that God helps us to remember this. Thanks for the reminder.

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