Learning to be a Daughter

So, I’m learning to be a daughter of God.

Just a daughter.

Nothing else.

No expectation but just to accept the fact that I am loved, accepted and deeply longed for.

Learning to rest without worry.

Trust without fear.

To rely totally on the fact that God loves me and I can never be separated from that.

From Him.

Total security and belonging.

Yes. I’m learning.

But this does not come naturally to me.

The world is an unkind place and I have done unkind things because I haven’t understood this place.

Or more,

Given myself permission to live there.

This place of peace that expects nothing from me but to celebrate what is given

and find joy in the belonging.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

And out of THIS place I live, love and fulfill my purpose in the world!

I marvel at Jesus.

He was a son.

THE Son!

He was established in that sonship by the love, acceptance and celebration of His Father.


He lived a life of rest, confidence and assurance all because He was loved.

This is the life that my Father wants for me and sent Jesus, partially, to show me how to live in it.

And mostly, to prepare a place for me IN that love.

To live and remain there eternally.

Not just in a frame of time but in my very existence and essence.

This place of belonging is so hard to come by because it has to war.

War against everything I’ve been taught to believe about myself and the world.

And mostly what I’ve been taught about LOVE, itself.

It has to fight shame, fear and self hatred.

Powers that are very strong.

But something,

NO! Someone, is stronger!!

He is fierce and will not do without me living and believing that I am loved unconditionally!

A warring love that did not settle for less than me fully alive in Him!                                    [Song of Solomon 8:6-7]

That is what makes the cross of Jesus so amazing!

Love was demonstrated!

Not in a trinket given,

or in a service offered,

or a favor done.

but in a life laid down for one who was never, nor could ever, be worthy.

And in THAT LOVE, God laid it all on the line!

God demonstrated His love in this: [Romans 5: 8-10]

That while I was still powerless to change anything or to offer anything to Him,

Christ died for my sins, my offenses.

My hatred, my rebellion, and rejection of God Himself.

While I was still hating, Christ died to crush it in my life!

While I was still rebelling and running,

Christ died so love could run to ME and embrace ME!!!!

You see, love was demonstrated, not just talked about.

Love put up!

Love acted!

Love laid down its bet

and I was the prize!!!

Can you imagine?

Can you even fathom?

In THIS love, I am held! [Romans 8: 31-39]

Into THIS love I am woven; the tapestry of God’s tremendous heart for mankind!

In THIS love I am forged through suffering and sorrow

so that Resurrection Life can be demonstrated in me!

THIS love that can never be defeated,

never be quenched,

never be chained or held back!

In THIS love I am safe and sound, always!

So, yeah, this learning to be a daughter……..

I think I am going to like it here.

It is a place of strength,

not as the world knows strength but Kingdom of God strength

that is demonstrated in weakness,

victorious in suffering

and patient in all tribulation!

Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know!

But when God speaks it, it just IS and I’m learning not to question it

but to find my place in this beautiful Heart that loved me and still loves me.

He will never stop!

Let Christ be honored in all!

Crisie Heart1

Unless indicated otherwise, all Scripture is taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.





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