It feels like I have been trying to find “home” my whole life. You know, like finding “center” or the “core” place in life when you feel, well….”at home”; where it’s all ok and safe and sure.

Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

I love God and He is definitely “center” but I am finding more in being “His” that is vital to our lives. Something I had not seen before. Before, now. And it’s a beautiful place of discovery!

Colossians tells us in Chapter 1, that Christ is central to all things created, that everything was created by Him, for Him and through Him. and the Message translation says, “all things find their purpose in Him.” Simple enough, right? Not really. Evidenced by all the kicking and screaming of our lives, that leads us to the same place. An empty place in our own ability to make anything of life worthwhile. And in all our doing and moving we cannot create the “true” life we crave in every moment.

julian-santa-ana-TPsaDZSs56Y-unsplash_Photo by Julian Santa Ana on UnsplashThat word “purpose” has within it more than just vocation or calling. Oh how we’ve minimized it by making it about all our “doing”, when it’s all about our “being”! And that is such a broad concept that we’ll never tap into the life it holds. But in our being “in” Him, that place is found and realized. Somehow, without looking, without striving, without torturing our souls and others in our lives….. there it is.

Sadly, in all that striving, we wound many relationships, loved ones, friends because of the angst that burns in our souls from day one. To be loved, safe and secure. And because we are all broken people, we break others. Sometimes without meaning to, and sometimes very much meaning to because we are filled with anger and hatred for the wounds we have suffered.

No amount of psychology, medication or politicking can fix that wounded place. Only LOVE can because LOVE is what it needs. What WE need. And when we stop kicking, screaming and fighting long enough we will find LOVE, Him, God. He was there all the time. Patient, longsuffering and oh so tender, to heal and restore. To bring us “home”. And it’s in that place we find all we ever wanted, but just didn’t know it.

Photo Credit: Catherine McMahon

We just don’t know and our Father knows that. That is why He is so kind, so gentle with us and so beautiful to us. His mercies are new every morning. He loves us so. THAT is the truth we all need. Saint and sinner, alike. And if we would just embrace it, things would be different. So different.

Let Christ be glorified in all!


2 responses to “FINDING HOME”

  1. Beautiful, Crisie. I can SO relate to the feeling of searching for home. We’ve moved just enough over the course of our lives, I sometimes find myself wondering where I really belong. Or wishing there were more people around who’ve known me more than a short time. I can’t tell you how many times God has had to gently turn my face toward His so He could remind me, “I’M the stability of your times. Me. Right here.” Ahhhh – why do I seemingly “forget?!” Thanks for the reminder , Crisie, AND for assuring me I’m not the only one who’s had those thoughts!

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