The Transforming Power of Beholding God

EVERYTHING is necessary.

All we taste, touch, see, experience. It’s all necessary. It serves one purpose… put us back in touch with Life and He Who is Light, Life, Love.

Yes. Even the tragic things. The painful things. The questions that have no answers and the answers that don’t compute. We are so full of answers and reasons and explanations. What if there was no other answer or reason to any of it but to bring us to God? What if all of it, the broken bones, the broken promises, the brokenness of life was our experience to make us present to one place. His heart. His Arms.

He is Life! He is Light! He is Love!

And in all these things we find everything our hearts yearn and long for. All that we are crying out for is found in Christ.

He says, “Come to me all you who labor and I will give you rest. I am meek, lowly and you will find rest for your souls”!

“O Jerusalem how I have longed to gather you under my feathers like a mother hen.”

“I have drawn you with cords of loving kindness.”

Can’t you hear the longing? The ache of a Father?

These are the words of a Father, a King, a Bridegroom calling to His bride, His children saying, “release all your striving and searching and fighting (inside and out). Release all the distraction, the running after purpose, identity and belonging. Release all the things you think or have been told will satisfy and come to me.

Marry me! Come into union with me! Abide in Me, My Word, and who I am and here you will find rest for your soul.

The universe, every element, every galaxy, every star cluster, phenomenon, all of nature revolve around Him, Who He is and what He wants us to see about Him. Colossians 1: 15-17

I have always been more transformed by who God has said HE is than by who He says I am! We search for identify by looking at ourselves instead of looking into the One who has created us, or looking into who we are in light of Him.

Children model who their parents ARE. Moses countenance was changed by beholding God not beholding or even understanding who God said he was.

I have set my gaze on the glory of God in Christ. HE is my destination! He is my identity! When He betroths me, I take on His name, identified no longer by my past, my sin or mistakes and failures but by HIS DESIRE FOR ME!

He set His eye on me long before I even knew Him. He picked me out from across the room, across the school yard. He has been watchful of me daily! Me. The apple of His eye!

As precious and loved as Jesus, God’s own Son is, so are we in the heart of God. I am not transformed by how much I love him but how much and the way He has loved me. 1John 4:10

Even in our worship we are not transformed by our worship or display of love toward God in it, but by the revelation of HIM and His love and the demonstration of that love. Romans 5:8

I am transformed by being near , being close to my Beloved. Casting aside all other loves for true love! Casting aside all distractions for the gaze of my King. In our natural lives, we don’t have any reference point for this kind of language. But in beholding Him we can obtain it!

May Christ be glorified in all!


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