There is a truth imminent in the dark

A shout that will not keep silent

In the face of death

It laughs

At the strongest foe

It mocks

No power can defeat it

Though try they have


On a tree

In a grave

In tearing flesh

In shouts of agony

Its sound was heard


In the depths of Sheol

It met with death

And walked right by

With triumphant breath

By words of His mouth

Defeat did meet

Its final moment of strength


In death, life was

In life, death lies

To make us crawl

To make us hide

To make us small

Its voice does chide


But One stands alone

To crush death’s sting

He is resurrection

It power, its all

Life incarnate

Death in woe

It mourns its own demise


Life, it reigns

Can no one see?

Can no one hear?

Its roar, its decree?

“I am the Resurrection

And the Life.

He who believes in Me,

Though he may die, he shall live!”

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