It’s a rare gift when a parent receives a moment in time that resolves all the moments that came before it. This poem is the memory of one such gift. Dedicated to my daughter for her strength, resilience, and devotion to love!

The gleam in her eyes as he rounded the corner gave her heart away as she caught sight of him. The pride of her heart. The joy of her life. The boy, becoming a man, now separated from her womb. Separated to his own dream, his own life. 
The truth of the generations hit her heart like the blast of a gun and tears rolled down her cheeks. She realized her own life, how fleeting and quickly it passes. The missed opportunities accused her, but the truth caught her heart in safety and resolve.
All the moments we deem worthy was not worthy of the beauty of that moment. That love, that pride she found there. Unexpected, maybe, at least the power of it. A power that humbled her heart, made her grateful for his life-although not part of the original plan, but the greatest plan by far. The only plan that mattered in that moment or that will ever matter in all the moments of her life.
Her life, her reason, her breath, her song! We should all be blessed with moments like these and to be a witness to them as I was. What a treasure in my old age! Thank you daughter, for the gift of your son and the gift of your heart in praise of him.

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