The silence is a lullaby that sings me into peace.

And yesterday is quiet now as past, it is deceased.

No longer, can I hear the sound of the howling of the pain.

The heartbreak just a passage to my life now wide-awake.

Awake to joy where sorrow loomed.

Awake to hope, swallowed the doom.

But there’s an ache. A bittersweet.

For to say goodbye I must complete

The mourning.

The longing deep that never was.

The imperfect of all I’d done.

And shadows of what truly was

Fade….. fade.

And the laughter comes breaking through

The time I’ve left to love, to be true.

No more the past to steal the day.

But tomorrow calls to come and play.

To fully embrace the broken child.

Hold her close and stir her smile.

No more to punish.

No fault was hers.

She’s quiet now.

She’s held now.

She’s loved and she’s heard.

Sleep, baby, sleep till we all go home.

Sleep darling child.

You belong.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

© Crystal Hutchings/Beautiful You/Unchained Tongues

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