Let Love……

Your love.

Deeper than the darkest ocean. Touching my depths.

Healing the wound that came when hearts turn away from you.

Healing the hurt I never knew owned so much of my soul.

It has to be deep, love,  to go down so far.

To go down into the lost places.

lost hope.

lost love.

lost sight.

lost heart.

How deep love has to be to go down into the darkness.

he blackness of rage.

the emptiness of striving.

How deep your love.

It stops at no limit.

It know no bounds.

NO darkness is too deep…

too far…

too gone….

For love to touch.

Not plastic love.

Not pretending love.

Not superficial or photoshopped love.

Not touched up or made presentable.

Because what is found in the darkness is not presentable at all.

Not to human standards.

But, of course, we are not talking about human standards.

Human standards are religious, sterile, harsh, unforgiving, merciless, without affection and without compassion.

God’s standards are relentless, searching, patient, hopeful, kind, generous- SO GENEROUS, full of mercy and glorious beauty.

No wonder King David looked to God for consequences when he sinned and not man.

Man would have crushed him but God redeemed him.

Isn’t man still doing that?

Crushing us.

Heaping on us burdens we can never carry?

Bu love- God- wants to take our burdens.

He wants to look at them.

Redeem the one who has carried them, identify with our suffering and heal us.

All God has ever wanted is to love us, commune with us, give us his life, tell us his story and call us into it.

Love- so deep – so misunderstood and misrepresented.

Love save us!

Love awaken us!

Give us the courage it takes to live in this love and extend it to others!

It takes courage.

takes letting go…

takes surrendering control…

But we fear.

And fear has kept us away.

kept us at bay…

caused us to decay to a godless place.

Hearts hard and cracked.

Hearts concrete and brash.

Protective, closed off, and isolated.

Love never meant this.

This is not love’s way.


Love is wide!

So wide.

So open.

Nothin hides in love because love doesn’t hide.

It invites, it comes into, it welcomes.

It holds and takes us into itself- Himself.

It’s not afraid.

It’s not afraid.

It fears nothing.

No one.

Fear cannot exist in love because love is not capable of fear- the fear that destroys.

Just as turning on the light dispels darkness,

So love dispels fear.

It’s impossible for both to occupy the same space.


Let love…

Let love in…

Let love heal…

Let love love…

Let love care…

Let love live…

Let love!


Featured photo credit:Jez Timms


© Crystal Hutchings/Beautiful You/Unchained Tongues

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