Building Lives One at a Time!

Your Life Matters!

No, this is not a movement. But a true statement about the value of your life. The fact that you’re breathing is a miracle! It means you have purpose and every step you take carries meaning and consequence.

If we don’t learn the value of ourselves, we won’t comprehend the value of others. If we have no reference point for the significance of ourselves, we’ll  have none for others. This is problematic and literally the fuse that ignites many of our social problems. Many of the ways of our parents and their parents before them, made the bed that most of us lie in, presently. Through sin, abuses, human brokenness and social injustices, we have been wounded and adopted the attitude that none of us matters. Or feel we have to fight to prove our significance in society. BUT THESE ARE LIES!

HERE IS THE TRUTH…..we are created in the image of God, Himself. This is where our value originates. Although, this statement doesn’t carry much weight in our culture because of our disconnection and devaluing of God. We’ve  concluded that God is not necessary therefore, with that assessment, devalued our very own humanity.

After all, if God is not necessary, how significant can we be?

Herein lies our destiny if not for God!

But God IS necessary. We wouldn’t be inhaling or exhaling if it weren’t for the life He gives us. And this site is certainly not to argue this fact, for God doesn’t need defending. This site is to celebrate that truth! To celebrate God, His love and the extraordinary life He’s gifted us with!

To celebrate our differences; those things that make us unique and to celebrate the things that bring us together. The things common to our humanity; like fear, disappointment, joy, laughter, loss and uncertainty. These things unify us, in our experiences, but the way we wrestle with them, tears us apart.  And the Love that IS God, can heal us and transforms our world. If we just open our hearts to Him. This will open our hearts to each other as well.

We celebrate God here, in the Truth of Who He has declared Himself to be in the Scriptures, in Who He demonstrated Himself to be in His Son, Jesus Christ and in His expression in our world in the Holy Spirit.

In Him we live and move and have our being! (Acts. 17:28) As our hearts are drawn to His beauty and holiness, we are brought into the very essence of who WE are and from that place—-we live! We love! We have our being!

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