My passion is inspiring and provoking hearts toward the worship of God and understanding identity and value in Jesus Christ. As a songwriter and worship leader, In 2014 I began a blog called THE WORSHIP LIFE  where I shared my music and inspirational teachings about worship. Over the years others began to share about the impact my ministry was having. In 2018 I started THE WORSHIP LIFE PODCAST and along with my VIDEOS and MUSIC, sharing on these platforms has become my life’s work!



Jesus, faith, leadership, discipleship, and life with God. As a wife, mother and grandmother I’ve had a lot of experience with life as a family and navigating that life and myself in it.

But much of those years were riddled with tremendous self-doubt, anxiety and very deep emotional scars from childhood trauma. The impacts of that trauma were brought into my relationship with God, my husband, parenting and social interaction. I’ve struggled most of my adult life with the pain of that impact upon my family and have sat at the feet of Jesus for healing, restoration and moving forward out of the grief to embrace the joy of living.

I share much of that ongoing healing process here at the blog.


I write full time, here at my blog and at COVENANT LOVE CHURCH  assisting with the development and creation of content for pastoral publications, writing with the songwriting team and copyright administration.

Most of my experience in writing and publishing has been in the area of music with over 40 years in songwriting and as a musician and 20 years as a worship leader at Covenant Love. During those years, I wrote with other songwriters, publishing original music for the church and over half of those years, I spent directing the Worship Ministry.

While serving in leadership, I flourished as a writer, speaker and, teacher with opportunities of sharing the Word of God in music and ministry in women’s conferences, church, and citywide events and teaching worship in the CL School of Ministry.

In addition to my creative endeavors, I have a deep passion to be an instrument of healing in the lives of children and adults who live in shame due to trauma, abuse of all kinds including emotional and mental abuses, specifically sexual abuse of women and exploitation in relationships and childhood. I’m a sexual abuse survivor and I know what the trauma can do to your soul as you try to live a “normal life”. Sexual and other abuses affect our relationship with God and others in profound ways. I found it hard to trust or accept God’s love because I had no reference point for His kind of love. Because of the abuse I suffered, I was full of self-loathing, shame and fear. But the amazing thing about God is that He is so patient with us and He redeems every broken thing. From those broken relationships to this broken girl, He’s redeeming it all and I share my experiences and that ongoing healing in the BEAUTIFUL YOU PROJECT  and UNCHAINED TONGUES.

My greatest role is that of daughter of God, wife and family matriarch! My husband, John and I share 40 years of marriage and raised three children together with families of their own. We joy in the role of memaw and pawpaw, granny and poppy also!

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