Hi! I’m Crisie

I am an idealist with a soft spot for the underdog. I’m convinced God’s love is what transforms our world and I’m committed to declaring that love!

I’m here for you! That through the gift entrusted to me, I might inspire, encourage and strengthen you in every aspect of your life. That by sharing my life and faith through music, writing and community, we might, together, walk a path of spiritual fulfillment and purpose.

I’m also here for you and your team, if you’re a leader in worship or ministry in the local church. With over 20 years experience in full time ministry, primarily worship ministry, I can take your hand and help you navigate the great privilege and challenge of service to the Body of Christ.  It’s my honor to take from my experience and sow into your success and spiritual health and that of your team and your local body worship life.

But I’m not here alone. I ‘m part of a team and a community of worshipers, THAT’S YOU!  And you have the same passion I do, to see a world transformed, one life at a time.

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