I have always been writing songs and playing music since I was a young girl, well over 25 years ago.

Getting my first guitar at 14 set me on a course that I never would have imagined for my life, but am grateful for!securedownload

The experiences I’ve had in music, have built me into the artist I am today. With humility and recognition for all who afforded those opportunities to me, I have been honored by them.

cropped-crisieguitar12.pngI am convinced God gave me the gift of music & words to inspire and ignite. To carry His fire leaving a mark on this world that confirms, “God is alive in me”!

I am fulfilled as I worship the Lord in song and inspire & encourage others through my music. My ambition is to impact the world with His love and redemption story!

Raw, spiritual, grassroots. That’s the way I describe my music.

No pretense, just me being who God created me to be. Doing what I was born to do…write and play music and preach a little.  🙂

Giving voice to the truth and heart of life and the fire of the Holy Spirit in me.

This is not “religious” music but music that is birthed out of love, relationship and fire.

Like King David, a singer of songs and a declarer of God’s goodness and faithfulness!

It is music wholly given to the purpose of God!