I’m just a girl learning to trust Jesus and sharing those stories here!!!!

My story begins with a guitar in my hand and a really bad song in my mouth!

I started playing, singing and writing songs when I was 14 and wanted to be a rock star when I grew up! Music was my passion and still is. I became a rock star of a different kind though, only Jesus was the Rock and the only Star of the show! After meeting Jesus, He led me into the world of worship and writing music for Him, leading worship in the Church and inspiring other worshipers for over 25 years where I am presently!

Photo by Covenant Love Church Media

Before that, I married a guy named John and we had three kids and a grandson and a couple of dogs! The kids are all grown (two are professional wrestlers) with families of their own and all is well on that front!

I started this blog called THE WORSHIP LIFE a few years ago and began writing about my experiences with Jesus and sharing the music I was writing just as an outlet for my music. But soon, what I was sharing began to resonate with other people and I realized it wasn’t just for me, but to encourage and inspire others to walk in freedom in their relationship with God.

We’re in this thing together and I’m no expert, just a fellow traveler!

Over the years I’ve probed worship, emotional healing, poetry and all kinds of topics that represents what God is doing in my life and these have become the messages of my life! With a few changes and adjustments over the years, the website is now, simply CRISIE HUTCHINGS and still holds all the great content as before and merges all the creative endeavors of my life, Music, YouTube, Blog, and Podcast into one place!


In my 25 years in ministry in the church and in life, I’ve come face to face with my deepest insecurities and heartaches and wrestled with them and with God about them. I thank God Jesus is winning that wrestling match! My soul feels a little black and blue but freedom is the song on my tongue! Part of my passion is to talk about the things that we sometimes avoid in the church and inspire and help you to walk out your healing too, whatever that looks like for you!

My gift is INSPIRATION and I hope you’ll find it here! Your comments, questions, and invitations to share in your community are welcome!

I’d love to send you my new FREE ebook MAKE YOUR DIFFERENCE when you connect with me today! If you’re a dreamer but find it difficult to get from the dreaming to the getting it done, this book is for you.