New Devotional Series

Join me for a new devotional series called “God’s Design”. If you long for healthy family relationships, this study is right up your alley.

So often, it’s the brokenness of our souls that makes it so difficult to connect with others. Our defenses are constantly up, we feel vulnerable all the time and fear trusting. These wounds can drive our relationships in very unhealthy ways.

There is hope though! God is the ultimate authority on conducting life-giving relationships. That is why the title of this series is “God’s Design”. I believe his Word is full of truths that can help heal and even deepen these relationships if we take some steps of faith.

If you already subscribe to the devotional, you have automatic access into this new series. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is the perfect time to do it. This devotional is totally FREE and my gift to you to encourage you on your healing journey.