Showing Up For Your Life

Have you ever felt like you are just not showing up for your life. Maybe you wear a mask to hide because of shame, imperfection or comparison. But know this: NOT showing up for your life can be detrimental to you and the world around you! WE NEED YOU! In your totality! In all your glory to show up and be seen. Hey, I know. It take effort to show up and yes it makes us vulnerable to all kinds of criticism and disapproval, but it also brings something into our world that is significant and important.

I can hear you now, “It really doesn’t matter if I show up or not. No one’s going to miss me. As a matter of fact, they don’t even know I’m there”. THIS IS A LIE FROM THE DEVIL HIMSELF! IT DOES MATTER! YOU MATTER. If this is where you are at today in your life, P L E A S E…..check out the video below and it will change your perspective. I pray God will speak to you in a BIG and powerful way as you experience my story of hiding and not showing up for my life!  Love you guys! Crisie