THE WORSHIP LIFE exists to provide biblical insight and inspiration for individuals who desire a deeper life of devotion to Christ and understanding of worship. And to train and equip worship leaders and their teams in their ministry to the local Church.

Serving over 20 years in worship ministry and following Christ even longer, I’ve had many powerful encounters with God in worship. Alone and in corporate settings, I have experienced “high praise” and deep, soul searching and surrendering intimacy with the Father. I have been in atmospheres so charged with God’s Presence to the point of terror, afraid to move or speak, to elation, raptured in inexpressible love and mercy.

These experiences are very real and true and proclaim the Lordship of Jesus with and without singing or instruments. In all these encounters I have learned that God is always communicating a deeper place of worship for our lives.

Places of Obedience and Sacrifice. Mercy and Justice. Forgiveness and Service. Healing and Loving. Places of surrender that include waiting, trusting and vulnerability in our lives and our purpose.

THE WORSHIP LIFE exists to explore this deeper place of worship. To impart the Truth of God’s Word for transformation in a personal relationship with God, which shapes all life experiences, service to others, and expression.  The heartbeat of God for all of life. THE WORSHIP LIFE communicates experiences of life, faith, and ministry through impartation and instruction; inviting others to encounter the life of worship that transcends the music model, therefore impacting it to a greater degree. This is the HEART of The Worship Life.

The Holy Spirit, using great mentors, successes & failures, and years of serving in the ministry of worship, has been the training ground for this mission of THE WORSHIP LIFE!  Both triumphs and struggles have molded the mission along with God’s amazing people, the Church. The heart is, to impart Truth (God’s Word), experience, and encouragement through teaching, music, events, and intimate gatherings, that aid and propel individuals in their life of worship, service, calling, and personal expression, thus transforming relationships, communities, and the world.