Jesus said the Father is seeking worshipers who worship in spirit & truth. If you’ve ever wondered what that looks like, this series is for you!


Part 1 is an introduction to what it means to worship God in Spirit and Truth. Jesus said in John 4 that the Father was looking for these worshipers.

In Part 2 of our study of what it means to Worship in Spirit & Truth, we will meet the Samaritan Woman of the infamous story in the Gospel of John, chapter 4, and behold Jesus’ heart of love and His amazing invitation not only to the woman at the well but to all of us.

In Part 3 we discover what the “gift” was that Jesus Christ came to bring according to Romans 5, as we continue to understand what it means to Worship in Spirit and Truth.

Part 4 concludes our study on what it means to Worship in Spirit and Truth as we come to understand why what Jesus said about worship in spirit & truth is so vital to our relationship with Him and our expression in the world.

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