The Heart of the Matter

I believe musicians and those who write songs have more power and influence than they even realize or ever function in. The power given to musician by God Almighty is a fragile thing. In the hands of God it is a tool for change and revolution, in the hands of a selfish, fame-mongering novice, it’s highly dangerous, (in my opinion).

Songs can change a culture and an entire generation. Music brings comfort, provokes emotion and can be the catalyst for powerful change in an individual’s life and potentially the world. Take a moment and recall the most powerful music in your life and how it has impacted you, your relationships or even how you look at the world and you’ll understand what I mean.

Music about God carries an even more sober responsibility as we are putting words in the mouths of worshipers to say to God and declare in the world, but actually isn’t that what all musicians/writers are doing everywhere? Putting words in people’s mouths.

My personal philosophy is that music’s original intent was to serve God, however, I believe God uses music to move the heart of man, to bring joy and celebration to our lives. Music is the voice of the heart and takes many forms, styles and motivations. At the same time, I believe that music and song from the mouths and instruments of those whose hearts have turned away from God, can sow seeds and ideas of destruction in the soul of man. Music, in and of itself, is not evil as many of those who wield the Bible would argue with that statement, I believe it only becomes evil in the hands and hearts of those who are evil.

I personally explore genre’s and music content from a plethora of sources, to help me grow as an artist and partake of the beautiful artistry in others. I don’t think we should restrict ourselves in this way, only to make sure that whatever we sample is not discounting, lyrically, the truths and commands of God nor musically taking us into dark places and atmospheres.


This scripture is the heartbeat of the ministry God has given me to proclaim:

1 John 4:10

“This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.”



Photo credit:Gaelle Marcel