UNCHAINED TONGUES  is poetry that gives voice to stories that have long been silent. To give dignity to suffering and pain, declare hope in captivity, and celebrating the resilient soul! To honor the sacred. To validate the truth. To release the cry of the wounded heart and find healing in brokenness.

I embarked on a healing journey that provoked some very personal writing. It was therapy to take decades of chained up experiences and emotions and give voice to them. It was terrifying and freeing at the same time. I came to understand myself and suffering in a deeper more authentic way and was able to process the life experiences that had caused me so much pain into a testimony of resilience and redemption.

Poems that began as a journey of healing have since become the stories and sounds of my life and longings. I’ve also discovered along the way, they validate a lot of life for others who read them as well. Maybe they’ll inspire you to tell your story too.

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