Taking Back Our Health!

American-DoctorsHealthcare professionals are wonderful gifts from God! They help us in trauma, and life threatening situations and can help us answer some of the most complex questions we have about our health. But we cannot get to the place where we give all of our power and choices for health over to them. I have come to understand through battling many health problems, that they do not hold all the answers about health for us. In fact, some of the answers we are given about our health issues can actually work against our health and compromise us to a greater degree.

I have to qualify myself from the get go. I am not bashing the medical system so don’t sent me any messages or emails about that, please. I want to inspire us to take back our power over our own health and well being and stop being lazy or fearful and leaving it to the doctors to figure out.

I have dealt for years with chronic issues and pain in my body searching frantically from doctor to doctor for the answer to my problem and although some of the remedies gave me temporary relief, some of the treatments made me sicker! I am grateful for the time and attention my doctors have shown me to try and help me, but at the end of the day, the medical profession is “practicing” medicine and most will tell you that themselves.

medication-safetyI have suffered countless tests and procedures and medications to try and treat my issues and the gracious hearts of doctors who have been just as stumped as me. Then there were the other doctors who labeled me right away because of a text book without even getting to know my personal situation. I have gained a great deal of medical knowledge and appreciation for the sacrifice doctors, nurses and others have made to care for the human race.

But understand, this is NOT about the doctors. IT’S ABOUT US!! It’s about being proactive about our own health. It’s about asking questions and not being afraid to say what you think or ask for something else instead. It’s about taking control of our nutrition and activity and doing all we can to be in the best health we can. And, believe me, I am not preaching, I am confessing that I have not always taken that stance with my life. For a long period of time, I gave myself over to the doctors and the diseases because it was just too hard to do anything else and because I didn’t KNOW anything else.

stethescope-with-appleIt’s just too hard to change and take responsibility. And that, my friends, is the bottom line. It is VERY HARD to take responsibility. But we must if we are going to live long, productive lives. If we are going to be strong, active members of society, we must show up for our own lives.

That statement was it for me! I realized a couple of years ago, that I just wasn’t showing up for my own life. I was more interested in comfort and stopping the pain that I was in doing my part to alleviate it. I didn’t want to rock the boat of my health by doing anything hard, lest I make things worse.  I was governed by fear and intimidation of my own body! And that is something that I still battle, but, I am standing against that fear, now more than ever, determined to live strong and in possession of my own power.

I believe this realization is an answer to many prayers of mine and others who have loved me and supported me through all this physical turmoil. To them, my heart is grateful! I am grateful to God for His healing in my body and my MIND! And truly, only He can heal! And my prayer and expectation for my health is nothing less than total restoration! I will not accept anything less for my health and my life. healthyMaybe that’s why I have come to the place I am right now in my health because I don’t want to settle for anything less than what I know my body was created for.

In order to see that become a reality, I have got to start caring for and utilizing my body for what God created it for. Fueling my body instead of just filling it, activity to strengthen it and taking charge of what medications go in my body and finding alternatives if I choose.


And it is MY CHOICE! I don’t have to accept what is handed to me or diagnosed over me, I can say no and choose to go another direction. I can follow my gut instinct, or in my case, the Holy Spirit, and not give myself over to some diagnosis! I am not my struggle or problem. It is not my identity!

So if you are out there today and what I am saying is hitting some kind of bull’s eye in your life, then know this, we can do this. We can get out of bed and get back into our lives. We can stop fearing and being depressed and start living again. We can come back to our friends and loved ones who never see us because we’ve checked out. But it’s going to take courage, responsibility, ACTION….TONS OF ACTION and an attitude of knowing that even a tiny step….IS A STEP away from where we have been and a step towards where we want to be. Our attitude is going to be the key for sure!

So who is ready to come with me? Who is ready to stop being sick and start living!!! CaregiverFriendshipImage-300x225

Come on! let’s go!

2 responses to “Taking Back Our Health!”

  1. This is hitting a great big bullseye for me!! This is exactly where I am right now!! You wouldn’t believe some of the decisions I’ve been making over my health personally and in regards to doctor treatments. It took me a long time to come to the conclusion, but I’m finally there now. Almost every one of the treatments medicinally and surgically have caused other problems! And although I’m all for emergency medical treatments, I’ve gotta start doing my part and not just relying on some doctor to fix me. Like you, I opted for easiest and quickest pain relief but it just never really worked out well for me “long term” any time I went that route. I’m just sayin, I’M IN THERE WITH YOU CRISIE! Let’s do this!

    • Amen girl! I am totally with you and I KNOW we are not the only ones, which is why I did the post. I know there are others out there like us whose quality of life has been greatly diminished not only from ailments but the medications/treatments used to treat those ailments. WE CAN DO THIS. Feel free at anytime to post of the FB Page TAKING BACK OUR HEALTH if you have any advise, or experience you think might help people. I’m not using the page to solicit any products, procedures or people so just make sure you post is free of that.
      Love you girl! I believe it’s going to make a difference!!!

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