Saved By Grace (Song)

In the shadows of shame

I have hidden away

Covered in the scar of sin that claimed me.

In the darkest of nights

I believed the lie

That I could not be loved or embraced

but then the Light of Jesus came

And rescued me from every pain

Said “come out my child, don’t be afraid.

For I have chosen you to shine

To tell the world that I’m alive

Don’t hold back, now, glorify My Name!”


Only by your love. Only by your grace

Have I been made alive

Have I been changed

And I will not despise what God has called amazing

Lord, my life and all I am in yours

Saved by grace!


Now I have a song

Praise to the God of my life

Many, they will see and fear and trust You

And I will boast alone

In the cross that has redeemed me

And in the blood that washes shame away

And now the Light of Jesus Christ

Will shine through me and glorify

The grace alone that set this captive free


(c) 2015 Crisie Hutchings/ GrannyRocksMusic


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