The “Beautiful You” Project – Personal Journal Entry

Journal entry: [As part of the “BEAUTIFUL YOU” project and it’s purpose, I thought it very fitting to disclose my own struggle with approval & validation, with this very personal journal entry.]  Date of entry: 2. 17. 14

Matthew 11:28; Jesus said “Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” MSG

You have to stop being so afraid of people and their opinions. You have to be confident in God & who He is in you. Stop seeking or desiring or putting trust in people’s approval of you or your talents or what you offer.

Stand in the confidence of who you are when you are alone w/ God. In the confidence you feel when He approves- of you, your songs, your impartation. Stop thinking or trusting that if you have people’s approval, then you have God’s!

Don’t allow the craving for validation or approval to drive your life, your decisions, your talents, your songs, your impartation or who you are in any realm, on any level.

Glean from input but don’t allow it to change who you are or your original, inspired intent!

Your craving for that ” feel good” of approval and validation is because you lack the power within yourself to give it to yourself. You can’t! And people can only give it for a moment, then it’s gone, when their opinion of you changes. Only God can validate you and HE did it when He gave you existence, breath, heartbeat. When He gave His Son to redeem you.

The world and people’s validation and approval is fleeting. God’s is eternal, permanent, constant, real, powerful, empowering, enlarging! God’s approval is enlarging my capacity to be more of who I really am. It’s not that You’re giving me more, it’s that You’re opening up more!!!

God’s approval can lock out and silence the world’s and others’ disapproval!

You are enlarging the territory within my soul to receive You, to believe You for all things. To carry hope, to give hope!


Let Christ be glorified in all!                                                 



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Photo Credit:Sarah Mak


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