When I Don’t See (Song)

SONG STORY: “When I Don’t See” was written when I was wrestling over why I couldn’t feel God in my life at the time. I had based by relationship with Him on feelings and was in a panic that I couldn’t “feel” him. I was experiencing spiritual dullness and apathy and God ministered to me that there will be times when I feel Him, but more often than not, it was a life of FAITH!  Be encouraged! I invite you to comment and share how the song ministered to you. [This is a rough demo]

2 responses to “When I Don’t See (Song)”

  1. Jennifer Lopez Avatar
    Jennifer Lopez

    This is so awesome Crisie. And so needed in the body. Thanks so much for using your gift to help people get through dark times.

    1. Thank for your encouragement Jennifer… It means so much! Love you!

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