Finding Myself in You-The Most Beautiful Place on Earth!

Finding myself in you is the most beautiful place on earth! God, I love, I adore, I worship your beauty, your heart of grace!

You have never forsaken me, you have never abandoned my heart even through I felt abandoned by all others, misunderstood, unaccepted. You have always know me, loved me, held me —loved me, kept me and never, never once thought of letting me go or leaving me to the cruelty of this world.

YOU are my God! Always my God, my Lord, Savior and Redeemer of all my sorrows and pains. YOU have been the constant in my life through all things. Through every doubt, thought every fear and heartache.

Photo Credit: Stefan Kunze
Photo Credit: Catherine McMahon

No one could ever convince me you’re not real. I have seen you through the ages of my life. I have heard your voice and your promise in the darkest moments, calling me. Leading me through the maze of uncertainty, the dark night of my soul where all my hopes felt utterly gone. Oh the pain of those moments of the deepest regrets of my heart.

You made me steadfast and immovable, unshakable in the most terrifying times.

Oh God, you are true + strong + unbreakable + unswerving and unrelenting in your pursuit of my heart and life. THANK YOU!

Photo Credit: Thomas Kelley

I somehow knew from the beginning, you wanted to make me yours! You always wanted me! Always calling me. Always showing me YOU, your love, your hand, your desire to find me and have me.

OH God, there is nothing and no one who compare to you! NO one! No love or possession that I could have that could measure to the treasure you are!!!

Photo Credit: Eli DeFaria




May Christ be glorified in all!


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