PODCAST: Parenting and Perfection…..a Deadly Mix

As parents, we have felt compelled to be perfect. We fear the judgments of others on our parenting skills and this can be deadly to our family relationships and the impact on your kids. We’ll discuss this on this week’s podcast of THE WORSHIP LIFE.

2 responses to “PODCAST: Parenting and Perfection…..a Deadly Mix”

  1. This word about perfectionism in parenting was so beautiful and necessary for me. It prompted me to have a family meeting with the kids to repent for my perfectionism and ensure them that they are loved and cherished just how they are. Thank you Crisie Hutchings!!

    • Oh wow!!! My goodness…Im so humbled that it had such an impact on your family. It is the absolute prayer of my life that God would use my experiences to bring life to others…, thank you for letting me know Jennifer. I love you and your family so much and miss you guys too!! 🙂 🙂

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