My heart longs for wide-open spaces

My soul, for the Kingdom of God

Jesus, walking among us

His disciples given away

To His purpose

His bidding

His divine intent

Photo by Adriano Cantarello on Unsplash

Intent as He was when He walked here

Listening only for the Divine whisper

The course set for freedom

The road set on pilgrimage

Photo by Colton Miller on Unsplash

My lot, a course He determines

To fulfill the heavenly command

My soul yearning to complete it

Face like flint, pierced feet, and hands

Like Him

Knowing this death

Works life

Mine too, an offering

A sacrifice to the Holy Story

Written by His hand

Photo by Mika Matin on Unsplash
Photo by Matthieu Da Cruz on Unsplash

Serving the kingdom of men

Only as it serves Him

My allegiance, the Kingdom of God

My joy, His pleasure, His will.

My tongue

His voice in the earth below

His sight, His mind

His eyes

His eyes

Photo by Lena Bell on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Gent on Unsplash

I long for things less defined by my reason

Wild and unrestrained

Things I can’t know by my own device

But explained by my seeing of Him

He alone holds all definition

He alone explains every tear

His purpose forged in every raindrop

In the thunder, the whirlwind, the fear!

Photo by Anjie Webbie on Unsplash

God alone, I look to for freedom

From all else that holds me here

O Lord take me with you

As I sojourn, your servant

Like Enoch and Moses

Speak to me face to face

Photo by Paulo Resende on Unsplash

Your ways

Engrave them on my walls

Forge them into my veins

I don’t want any other prize

I long for no other joy

Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash

But to know as I am known

To love as I am loved

To hope as if I’ve never lost

To dream from heaven’s window

To weep in everlasting arms

To die knowing new life awaits me

To live convinced death cannot take me

Photo by Philipp Reiner on Unsplash









Rejoicing in hope

Always in hope

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