This poem is about a woman trying to serve her family while the demons of the past haunt her. They spoke death and doubt to her. She mustered up the strength to raise a family in the midst of the mental onslaught with her Redeemer by her side. It may seem dark to some, but it’s a reminder that things are never what they seem and you never know what’s going on deep down in the lives of those you meet!

Mother is her name

Her past in every footstep

Her future held in her hand

Her heart overtaken

With the laughter of those

She calls daughters and sons

The road ahead

Bright and shining

With hope’s whisper

Yet in the silence

Shame calls to her

Mocks hope and tomorrow

The secret reminds her

How captive she is

Chains bind her heart and mind

With memories of cruelty

Abandoned to the dark

Not by choice

But by rote

This is what we always do

This is the way we treat our own

Treat our own

Throwing the innocent to the wolves

She’s only doing what she’s seen

She only believes what they told her

Drowning in the obsession

To never do the same

But it takes her under

Just like her mother

And she’s her only rescue

So she thinks

“Not so,” says her Redeemer

Just believe

Belief doesn’t come easy

Belief is a fairytale

Believe in the best

She must, she knows

While darkness swallows her days

Despair her nights

Is this in her?

These patterns of her life?

Or a response to a lesser love

Is her heart that dark?

Or crying out for the light

And someone keeps turning it out

Her trust in all but herself

She betrays her own heart


With every breath

While tiny eyes look to her

To her to hold it together

And she does

For them

While inside she falls apart

Her joy found in their eyes

Their lives

She gives it all to them

All her love

All her faith

All her joy

They have a way about them


Pure light

Pure trust

Can’t betray that

She lays down her life

To make it all better

But it’s not

It can’t be

Shame and fear

Her taskmasters

Call to her to make it alright

To sacrifice more

Denial invites her

And brings with it quiet

A comfort

A lie

That she finds solace in

While everyday

Truth is calling



Desperate to be known

But she can’t

She won’t

The risk is too great

So she makes her bed

In hell

And sleeps



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