The warrior may buckle

Contending for the faith

But she will not be broken

Her Champion sustains

All she puts her trust in

Through tears that stain her face.


There is no retreat

Though at times

She does long for it

As she wearies

As she wonders


Then courage, it awakes her

To keep her eyes ahead

To gather up her senses

And let trust lead on instead


There’s no shame in her wailing

As flesh gives way to faith

And questions find their answers

As she trusts and as she waits

Darkness tries to take her

A bitter strain, its lies

But Resurrection in her

Lifts up His battle cry


And grace finds its power

In her weakness

In her travail

Dependence forged within her

As her own strength fails.

Photo by Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

The warrior is fashioned

By His faithfulness in fire

The Fourth Man

The Son of Man

The King of her heart’s desire


At times she feels her faith has flown

Her resolve, a weak whisper of prayer

But in righteousness, His ear can hear

Her trust in every tear.


Her melody, love to His heart

His rescue won’t delay

The warrior, His hand upholds

And together take stand in the fray.

He cannot forsake her

He’s caused her to hope

Called forth her faith as gold

His Word that will never fail her

Has become the warrior’s Sword


Fight through darkened valley

Rest on mountain high

Your Champion goes before you

His victory is nigh

Fear not your foe, defeated

His voice an empty claim

Rise up warrior completed

In Christ’s Triumphant Name

2 responses to “Warrior”

  1. Crisie,
    Thanks so the encouragement!!! I appreciate you. Love you much 💕💕

    1. Thank you friend for checking it out!!!! Glad you were blessed. Love you!!!!!

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