Temporary Things

These temporary things

These light afflictions

Can’t compare

To the glory found in me

When I walk through this valley

On my knees

Wielding sword

Or quietly trusting

Both are in me

Wreathing in pain

Yet crying out in victory


You’re never going

To leave me

So I will rest like

Babe on breast

Love won’t forsake me

Makes me fierce

In battle fray


So like Sam

I will stay

Even if hell comes

Face to face

Your promise

My solace and peace


You have the final say

On this, I must rely

The cornerstone

The anchor tried

Built on eternal things

This temporal life

Swallowed up

By everlasting truth

That holds it all

Until that Day


On this, I look, as arrows fly

Upon this, I hope

When my heart is failing

When my tears

Become my food

Like fire

Flowing down my cheeks


When adversaries mock

And scourge this faith

But in the quiet

Is my steadfast

And my strength


The Author and Finisher

Will complete in me

My faith

It’s not mine to do

But mine to hold

To stand still

Be still

And know

Just the knowing

Hems me in

Holds me fast


Yes temporary things

Hold no power

Just smoke and mirrors

That distract

But in their midst

Reveal what’s pure in me


Then turns my face

To Him Who is true

Who is just

Who reconciles all things

All pain

All tears


My suffering

Is mortar in His hands

Building His Kingdom

In me

Through me


To lean alone

Upon His Word

His Voice my confidence

The sound that

Points the way

Lights my path

My reliance


You, Who are eternal

No beginning

No end

Steps into my sojourn

And takes me by the hand


You quiet me

With your love

Deliver me

In Your truth

In trust you shape my faith

Until all I am

Looks to You


Depending on

No other

For all are weak and frail

You hold all power

All might is Who You are


Until this temporary life

Bows to You, my King

Let eternity within me

Rule all that will ever be

© Crystal Hutchings/Beautiful You/Unchained Tongues

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