When you think of life with God, what images come to mind? Simply, going to church every Sunday? Maybe praying or reading the Bible? Although these are an important part of life with God, they’re not the ONLY part. Maybe you imagine God as not relevant to your busy life of relationships, education, raising kids, and career? Maybe you think of God as angry and ready to pounce when you make a mistake? Perhaps life with God conjures up images of abuse and mistreatment that have caused you to want nothing to do with God!

Whatever the case is for you, I invite you into conversations about God and what it truly means to be His. Life with God, is ALL OF LIFE and is sacred to God and your life and heart is most definitely in the forefront of what He cares about most.

Won’t you join me in the conversation of love and reconciliation. It will be the healing of your soul!!


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